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Copper & Silver Plating of a Brass Connector Pin for the Electronics Industry

Brass Connector Pin
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Brass Connector Pin

A customer in the electronics industry came to G. Tanury Plating Co. in need of barrel copper and silver plating of brass connector pins to meet Mil Spec QQ-S-365A. We applied a full range of processes on the product, beginning with degreasing and de-oxidizing, thru copper and silver plating to specification, and ending with anti-tarnish coating. Throughout the processes eight pieces of the highest quality equipment were used.

The brass connector pins measured .45" long and .2" wide. The silver plating we applied measured 300 to 500µ"and the copper plating measured 100 to 150µ". We fully tested the finished product for thickness of the deposits using x-ray fluorescence, as well as adhesion. After completing the testing and inspection, we delivered the products to the customer in Rhode Island, who was very satisfied with every aspect of our services.

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Copper & Silver Plating Project Highlights

Product NameBrass Connector Pin
Product DescriptionThis connector pin is used within an electronics application.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Barrel Copper Plating
Barrel Silver Plating

  • Degrease
  • Bright Dip
Acid Dip
Anti-tarnish coating
Equipment Used to Barrel Plate PartDegreaser
Bright dip
Copper plating tank w/rectifier, timer, temp. controller
Silver plating tank w/rectifier, timer, temp. controller
Anti tarnish
Deionized rinse
Centrifugal dryer
Overall Part DimensionsPlating Thickness:
Silver: 300 to 500µ in
Copper: 100 to 150µ in

Length: .45 in
Width: .2 in
Component MaterialBrass
Plating MaterialSilver
In process testing/Inspection performedX-ray fluorescence
Bend test for adhesion
Industry for UseElectronics
Volume1000-10000 piece lots
Delivery LocationRhode Island
Standards MetMil Spec QQ-S-365A
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